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The Offshift Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency's Leader in On-Chain Privacy


Private Defi Has Arrived

True Privacy

Offshift confers true privacy - both anonymity and confidentiality – on Ethereum Layer 1.

Asset Diversity

Offshift leverages Chainlink oracles to support private DeFi for a wide array of private synthetic assets.


Convert public assets into private synthetics and vice-versa using XFT.



1:1 Collateral

1:1 Collateral

Over-collateralization is not capital-efficient, and unnecessarily limits liquidity access for users. On Offshift, you get what you burn - dollar-for-dollar, sat-for-sat.

Elastic Supply Model

Elastic-Supply Model

The XFT supply self-balances to account for price fluctuations, relegating margin calls and liquidations to nuisances of the past.

Zero Slippage

Zero Slippage

No order books, no liquidity concerns, zero slippage. It's that simple: Shift stress-free.

Hard Coded Integrity

Hard-coded Integrity

Our team wallets are fully transparent, and our vesting rates are slow and graduated.

Rug Pull Proof


Lockboxes have been secured for on-chain reserves and LP tokens alike - so our users know Rug-Pulling has been coded out.


Recent News from Offshift


Offshift v2 February Dev Update

The latest on v2 from the team on X.


Offshift v2 January Roadmap Update

With the v2 Testnet live, we find ourselves closer to v2 mainnet launch than ever before.


Offshift v2 Now Live on Sepolia

The first permissionless, decentralized, censorship-resistant, succinct zk-rollup dapp is now live on Sepolia.


Offshift v2 Dev Update: The Offshift Prover Network

We’re close to pulling back the curtain on what we’ve been busy with these last few weeks…


Offshift v2 Momiji Testnet Now Live on Sepolia

Offshift’s v2 Momiji Testnet has been deployed on Ethereum’s Sepolia test network.


Offshift v2 September Roadmap Update

As the dev team continues to build out Offshift v2, the timeline for some major milestones has begun to come clearly into view.


Offshift’s Momiji Testnet Debuts Confidential Transactions

The first iteration of Offshift’s Momiji Testnet is now live on the Offshift GitLab.


Offshift July AMA Recap

The Offshift Dev Team hosted its July Live Telegram AMA on Thursday..


Offshift v2 Dev Update: Introducing the PureL1Rollup

The Offshift Dev Team has made huge architectural strides on Offshift v2 since the last AMA in June.


Offshift v2 AMA Recap

Yesterday the Offshift Dev Team hosted its Live v2 AMA in the Offshift Telegram.


Community Resources

Reach out and connect with our team and growing community. We're anonymous, but friendly.

Our team

Offshift Leads

In alignment with Offshift's ethos and commitment to privacy, our team has chosen to remain anonymous.

But come by and chat - our team leads are available and active in our social channels.


XFT is listed on a number of
top-tier DeFi exchanges.