Offshift Dev Update Late August 2022: Frontend


Offshift Core is pleased to announce the official launch of the Offshift anon Frontend on the Ethereum Goerli Testnet. The frontend release marks the first presentation of the Offshift anon application user interface, from which users can perform various functions within their browsers.

Offshift anon’s frontend follows the launch of the Offshift anon Pilot v1 and Pilot v2 on CLI (Command Line Interface) only. With the frontend now available, users can explore the latest version of Offshift’s debut platform from a simple, intuitive, and crisp GUI (Graphic User Interface). As in the Offshift anon Pilot, users can burn testnet XFT to generate a deposit note, and may subsequently redeem the note to mint aUSD. Users may then burn their aUSD via a Simple Shift to mint an equal value of XFT.

Users should be aware that the frontend version’s oracle price feeds track the price of Goerli XFT in order to determine exchange rates between XFT and aUSD.

With the frontend complete, the upcoming development milestone becomes relayer integration, which is slated for the week of September 26. The Offshift anon Development Roadmap to Testnet provides full information on the Offshfit anon development timeline and features a complete list of all past and upcoming milestones.

Now, you’re all set to get Shifting with the Offshift anon Frontend instruction manual below.

Offshift anon Frontend – Instruction Manual

1. Create a new Ethereum wallet in MetaMask that you will use exclusively for the Offshift anon pilot.

2. Navigate to the Goerli PoW Faucet , copy/paste your new wallet address, complete the Captcha, and click the green “Start Mining” button. Leave this window open, and you can complete the next steps while you mine some GöETH.

3. Next, let’s go ahead and add the two testnet tokens you’ll be interacting with, XFTMock and aUSDMock, to MetaMask. Open MetaMask and make sure you have Goerli Test Network selected in the Networks drop-down menu at top.

From here, click “Import tokens.”

Paste the XFTMock address below into the “Token Contract Address” field. Once Token Symbol and Token Decimal fields auto-fill, click “Add Custom Token.” Repeat for aUSDMock using the address below.

XFTMock: 0x31b0A3e4bF7f55069Faa13b2d8EEAAF96F3ee5b7

aUSDMock: 0x043337B12f4E8E29FE7c770ec6cf75AA46ee0BC8

4. Navigate back to your open Goerli PoW Faucet window. Make sure “Your Mining Reward” is at least 0.5 GöETH, then click the red “Stop Mining & Claim Rewards” button.

5. Next, let’s swap some of your freshly mined Goerli ETH for some testnet XFT. Navigate to Uniswap’s Goerli Swap Page .

Click “Select token.”

Paste in the XFTMock address above, and then import the token.

Swap for at least 20 XFTM.

6. With GöETH and XFTM in your wallet, navigate to the Offshift anon Frontend .

Click “connect wallet.”

Choose MetaMask, select your wallet, and click “Connect.”

7. First, you’ll need to give the frontend permission to spend your testnet XFT. For this version of the Offshift anon Pilot, the dashboard will burn the XFT equivalent required to create a note that is redeemable for 10 aUSD. As noted above, the rate is determined via oracle price feed from the Goerli Uniswap pools.

With the Burn and Mint amounts populated, click Approve, and then confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

8. When the transaction is confirmed, click Shift and confirm in MetaMask.

9. When the transaction is confirmed, your XFT balance will change, accounting for the number of XFT you burned to create a deposit note. To redeem the note and mint aUSD, click Withdraw, and then confirm in MetaMask.

Your aUSD balance will now show 9, as 1 aUSD was used to pay the relayer for its service.

10. To Shift from aUSD back to XFT, first shift once more from XFT to aUSD so your aUSD balance is greater than 10, then click the toggle button to move aUSD to the top and XFT to the bottom. Click Simple Shift and confirm in MetaMask.

Congratulations! You successfully Shifted from XFT to aUSD by burning XFT, generating a deposit note, and redeeming the note to mint aUSD. You then Simple Shifted from aUSD back to XFT by burning your aUSD and minting XFT. This time you’ve done it all from the Offshift anon GUI.

Excited about Offshift anon, its development process, and the mission to bring on-chain privacy to the world? Make sure to swing by our August Community Call and PriFi AMA on Thursday, September 1, at 12pm ET. As always, we will be rewarding the individuals that submit the 3 best questions with a generous helping of 100 XFT!

The August PriFi AMA submission link will be released on Monday, August 29 on the official Offshift Twitter Account, so if you haven’t already, follow us there and join our community Telegram channel.