Offshift November Community Call & PriFi AMA Recap


November was a month of fine-tuning here at Offshift. Following the October launch of the Offshift anon feature-complete testnet, we arrived at mutual terms with blockchain security firm Paladin regarding an external audit. For full details, read on or check out the video below.

Welcome PriFi Pioneers! This month, we held our November PriFi AMA on November 25 at 12pm ET. Here are some highlights:

  • The audit will officially begin Monday, November 28, and will span 15 to 20 business days – that means excluding weekends and holidays. Paladin has also explained that, although unlikely, it is possible that unforeseeable circumstances may extend the audit further than 20 business days.

  • After speaking with a number of crypto’s leading audit firms and organizations, we selected Paladin to conduct our audit for several key reasons:
    • They specialize in EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) DeFi.
    • In addition to auditing code, they conduct modeling to identity vectors for tokenomic exploits.
    • They stick with the projects they audit straight through to mainnet launch
    • They are not a massive firm, and we are confident we will get access to the highest quality minds and receive personalized attention for the duration of the audit.
    • The relatively rapid turnaround time allows us to proceed to mainnet promptly.

After discussing our upcoming external audit process, we gave our community the opportunity to ask some questions. As usual, community members did not disappoint. Here are a few of the many great questions we received:

  1. Once deployed on mainnet, will the Offshift anon contract be upgradable? For example, to extend the set of available anonAssets?

  2. Which price feed(s) will be used in the Offshift anon contract to determine the price of XFT and anonAsset equivalents?

  3. Infura RPC will start tracking the IP addresses. The Tornado cash sanctions also exposed the weak spots within infrastructure providers and frontends. Infura and Alchemy, centralized API and node infrastructure providers, blocked API access for Tornado Cash. Will there be an option to use another RPC or even our own node, if possible?

For the team’s answers to these questions and more, check out the full AMA!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this month, and especially to those who submitted questions! Typically, we host our monthly PriFi AMAs on the final Thursday of every month. However, pending when the results of our external audit arrive, we will notify our community as to the official date of our December PriFi AMA. Stay tuned!

And as always, we encourage you to submit your best questions in advance. This month we gave away 100 XFT to 3 community members who submitted excellent questions prior to our AMA.

Here are November’s winners:




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