Offshift anon Mainnet to Launch First Week of March


Following the successful completion of both a comprehensive audit process and widely supported Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Ceremony, Offshift Core is pleased to present the Offshift anon Roadmap to Mainnet.

After completing their preliminary assessment in late December, blockchain security firm Paladin has validated the resolutions submitted by the Offshift team. At this stage, all that remains in the audit process is Paladin’s verification that the contracts deployed by the Offshift team match the audited contracts. Once Paladin verifies the deployed contracts, they will publish Offshift anon’s audit results on their website.

Operating in parallel to the audit process, Offshift anon’s MPC Ceremony concluded on January 24 at 7pm ET with a total of 330 independent contributions. To show their support for Offshift’s forthcoming platform, many contributors shared their attestations publicly on Twitter . At Offshift Core, we were very pleased at both the ceremony’s level of participation and public support it received. Offshift anon is and will continue to be a product of the Offshift community, and its MPC Ceremony marks the beginning of a proper community-driven mainnet launch.

Now, without further ado, the Offshift anon Roadmap to Mainnet:

  1. XFT Token Deployment & Swap [February 22]

  2. Offshift anon LP Rewards Program Launch [Week of February 27]

  3. Offshift anon Mainnet Launch [Week of February 27]

XFT Token Deployment & Swap [February 22]

The new XFT token will be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. On this date, Offshift Core will also migrate all Uniswap liquidity to support the new token. Lastly, a simple token swap interface will be released that will allow existing XFT tokenholders to conduct 1:1 swaps into the new XFT token. The public token swap interface will remain in place until all 10,000,000 existing XFT have been swapped into new XFT.

Offshift anon LP Rewards Program Launch [Week of February 27]

Offshift Core will release full details on LP incentives for both XFT and anonUSD in public markets. The Offshift anon LP Rewards Program will cover the remainder of calendar year 2023, and will be updated and extended at relevant junctures.

To provide the most robust liquidity for anonUSD prior to Offshift anon’s mainnet launch, Offshift will introduce a user-friendly liquidity feature the week of February 27 whereby users will have the opportunity to establish their positions as anonUSD LPs. Specifically, in the three days prior to launch, users will be able to Simple Shift from XFT to anonUSD, provide liquidity in the Uniswap market, and stake their LP tokens in the Offshift anon LP Rewards Program. Offshift Core will provide complete details as the date approaches.

Offshift anon Mainnet Launch [Week of February 27]

Offshift anon will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet and the platform will be immediately available to the full public.

For more information on Offshift anon’s audit with Paladin, the final results of its MPC Ceremony, and further details on its Roadmap to Mainnet, tune in to Offshift’s January PriFi AMA on Thursday, January 26 at 12pm ET. In addition to providing updates on all of the above, we’ll be answering all of our community’s questions, and sending out 100 XFT to the three best submissions we receive!