Offshift January Community Call & PriFi AMA Recap


January was another month of massive progress for Offshift, and there’s lots to share with the community. The Offshift anon MPC Ceremony received 330 contributions, and the team delivered a major Offshift anon Mainnet release announcement that’s got everyone marking their calendars. Read on below, or watch the January 26 live stream for yourself:

Welcome PriFi Pioneers! This month’s AMA started with a recap of January’s development updates, followed by a look into Offshift anon’s MPC Ceremony, the Roadmap to Mainnet, and a sneak peek at February’s press lineups…

First, to summarize the MPC Ceremony – it was a huge success!

  • The ceremony spanned a full 2 weeks

  • It received 330 total contributions

  • No bugs, problems, or technical issues were reported

To put it simply, it went as smoothly as possible. You can read more about the MPC Ceremony, and learn how to verify your contribution here.

Shortly after the MPC Ceremony concluded, on January 25th, the team shared a major announcement:

The Offshift anon Mainnet is arriving the week of February 27!

And laid out the Roadmap to Mainnet, which looks like this:

  • February 22: XFT Token Deployment & Swap

  • Week of February 27: Offshift anon LP Rewards Program Launch

  • Week of February 27: Offshift anon Mainnet Launch

The January AMA continued with a look at how the audit with Paladin is coming along:

  • Preliminary Assessment: Paladin completed in late December
  • Resolutions: Offshift Core submitted resolutions in early January
  • Validation: Paladin validated resolutions in late January
  • Verification (Final Step): Paladin will verify that deployed contracts match audited contracts, then publish the audit on their website.

Then January’s AMA moved into some announcements regarding upcoming public appearances:

  • January 31 at 2pm ET: CSO Alex Shipp will be joining chirocrypto & Crypto Fundamentals on their Twitter Space AMA Under the Radar. Be sure to tune in!

  • Week of February 6: Offshift Academy will release an extensive video detailing Offshift anon’s Platform Tokenomics with theory and case examples.

  • More podcasts are in the works, stay tuned for deets!

After this lengthy collection of updates, the team opened the floor to the community and answered some well-crafted questions. Here are a few of them:

  1. Besides the MPC, are there any more tasks the community can aid or assist in as we move towards mainnet? For instance, final stress testing or any other technical topics?
  2. Now that Offshift anon is being launched on mainnet, what are the plans going forward to market the product? Do you think the fact we are in a bear market will affect the result (positively or negatively) of such a marketing campaign?
  3. The Offshift Whitepaper says that from the original 500k XFT allocated for liquidity provision, only 250k were deployed in the Uniswap pool. Will the remaining 250k tokens be used for providing liquidity for the anon platform?

For full answers to these questions and more, watch the replay of the Offshift January PriFi AMA.

Offshift Core would like to thank everyone who submitted questions and tuned in this month! The team can’t wait to deliver more updates in the February AMA on February 23, 2023 at 12pm ET. Keep an eye out for the submission link on Offshift’s official Twitter.

Submit your best questions in advance, and you might just win some XFT!

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