The anonBTC LP Rewards Program is Live


The anonBTC LP Rewards Program is officially live, and the anonBTC/ETH pool on Uniswap is ready for LPs to begin adding liquidity.

For full details and a complete, 3-year LP rewards schedule, see the April 27 blog post .

To start earning LP Rewards, simply:

1. Navigate to the Stake tab on the Offshift app:

2. To add liquidity over the default (full) range, enter the amount of anonBTC you want to mint. The dashboard will show the amount of XFT you’ll burn, as well as the amount of ETH you will need to send for your LP position.

3. Click Add Liquidity and then approve the transaction in MetaMask.

If you prefer to add liquidity over a custom range, click Stake Custom Position, open the Add anonBTC/WETH Liquidity to a Custom Range link, add your liquidity, then return to the Staking page and enter your Token ID and stake.

In Uniswap v3 pools, you do not have to claim rewards. When you unstake your LP position, you’ll receive the rewards your LP position accumulated over the duration of your staking period.

*Note: During the 3-day liquidity bootstrapping event for the Uniswap anonBTC/ETH pool, LP positions cannot be unstaked. Unstaking will become available on Monday, May 8 when anonymizing shifts into anonBTC go live.