Offshift Summer Plans: Prepare v2 For Launch


The team lays out the timeline for Offshift’s confidential assets platform.

With the design phase of Offshift’s v2 platform coming to an end, the team is excited to announce a preliminary development timeline leading up to the confidential assets platform’s launch, and to announce some upcoming live Dev Updates and AMAs in the Offshift Telegram , the first coming in just a few short weeks.

Offshift’s v1 platform Offshift anon , released in March, provides anonymity on Ethereum Layer 1 (L1). The v2 platform goes a lot further, providing complete privacy, both anonymity and confidentiality - in the form of shielded transactions - while remaining entirely on L1.

The v2 platform is built using Noir , a bleeding-edge Rust-based domain-specific programming language developed by Aztec Labs. Noir is designed specifically for creating and verifying cryptographic proofs, which makes it much more efficient and expressive in this area than a more general-purpose language might be.

It’s in large part Noir’s efficiency that makes Offshift’s v2 platform possible, as it allows the team to build a more secure and scalable architecture that results in less gas intensiveness, and therefore cheaper, faster, more scalable transactions.

Excited to hear more? You won’t have to wait long for the full deets…

Here’s what Offshift’s Summer looks like:

Week of June 12 - Offshift v2 Litepaper

June 22 - Live v2 AMA with the Dev Team in the Offshift Telegram

July 20 - Live Dev Update & AMA in the Offshift Telegram

Week of August 14 - Offshift v2 CLI Testnet Release

Immediately following the v2 CLI Testnet Release, the team will begin a major overhaul of the frontend and overall user experience. More details about this phase to come as it approaches, as will a timeframe for the v2 launch on Mainnet.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next few months!

As always, for all the latest be sure to follow Offshift on Twitter , and make sure you’ve joined the Telegram for the Live Dev Updates and AMAs beginning in June.