Offshift v2 September Roadmap Update


As the dev team continues to build out Offshift v2, the timeline for some major milestones has begun to come clearly into view. As always, we’re excited to share these developments with the community as they happen.

The remaining development of the Offshift v2 Testnet will be broken down into the following releases:

Monday, September 18: Momiji Testnet v1.5

Non-recursive testnet. Users submit transactions and publish batches in one transaction using a combined verifier contract on chain. Custom input amounts are also enabled for this version.

Week of October 2: Momiji Testnet v2.0

With PureL1Rollup. Individual transactions generated and proven locally by users and placed into the on-chain transaction queue. Batches of transactions will be recursively proven and submitted to the blockchain for on-chain verification.

Week of October 23: Momiji Testnet v2.1

Oracle integration and submitter incentives. Implementation of zkAssets using on-chain price feeds. Users will be able to mint positions in synthetic assets using testnet XFT as the “collateral.” Fee incentives will be introduced, with batch publishers receiving XFT for submitting a rollup on chain for verification.

Following the release of Momiji Testnet v2.1, the team will begin an optimization period, tentatively lasting around two weeks, during which they will implement optimizations in protocol cost and speed.

Once optimizations are completed, the protocol will be feature-complete, the only remaining item being the frontend. The team has made significant progress on the frontend already, but a production release will ultimately depend upon the release, by Noir developer Aztec, of a stable browser version of bbjs. We will continue to keep the community updated on this, and provide an estimate for the Offshift v2 Mainnet launch as soon as possible.

As always, come by the official Offshift Telegram with any questions or comments, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest.