Offshift v2 January Roadmap Update


With the Offshift v2 Testnet live on Ethereum’s Sepolia test network, and the initial implementation of the Offshift Prover Network up and running, we find ourselves closer to the launch of Offshift v2 than ever before.

With only a few major milestones remaining, the team wants to update the community on some decisions that have been made, and communicate the remaining roadmap leading up to the Offshift v2 Mainnet launch and beyond.

First, the decision has been made that the first zkAsset to be released will be zkXFT, a confidential version of the XFT token. A private version of XFT has long been requested by the community, and with v2’s architecture it makes sense for zkXFT to serve as the protocol’s foundation. Additional zkAssets will be added after launch.

The remaining pre-launch roadmap includes:

- Implementation of Publisher fees & Censorship Resistance Bond

- Offshift Prover Network optimization & introduction of peer-to-peer network

- Full-featured frontend release with mobile support

The team anticipates these items will be completed sometime in March. While mainnet launch can’t be set in stone just yet, as it depends on the results of the ongoing testnet, as well as debugging and optimization periods, the team is tentatively aiming for mainnet launch in April - May.

The post-launch roadmap will include:

- Implementation of Oracles

- Protocol optimizations

- Deployment of additional zkAssets

- Implementation of zkAsset swaps

As always, you can continue to follow our progress on Twitter and in Telegram , and keep an eye on our team member Twitter accounts as well ( Greybeard , n00b and Johnny ).