Offshift Dev Update, July 2021: Progress in Smart Contracts and the Offshift Client App

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Offshift is working with Zokyo to develop the infrastructure for the smart contracts and interface that will bring PriFi and the Offshift private derivatives platform live.

Here’s a progress update for July, 2021.

The fundamental structure of the shielding contract has been determined! Now, with the core functions set, we begin implementing the cryptography.

The deposit function is the starting point for the contract. Users send XFT, along with a cryptographic commitment (generated on the client side) to the contract, and the contract verifies the commitment. Once verified, the deposit contract credits the commitment to the user’s balance.

The structure of the client-side app has also been determined​ on all fronts, and all non-mathematical aspects have now been implemented. This means that the application framework is now in place, and it is a matter of inserting the algorithms, code, and the topline elements of the user experience.

Next up on the Offshift development front is working on vector EC Pedersen commitment generation in the client-side app — a key aspect of the Offshift zk Bulletproof model — and vector commitments verification in the smart contracts.

If you’d like to learn more about our development with Zokyo, tune into the Offshift Developer Community Calls on the last Thursday of every month at 12PM ET! Join our Discord to listen in and chat more with our community too.

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