Offshift Dev Update, August 2021: Cryptography

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Offshift is working with Zokyo to develop the platform that will finally bring private finance, or PriFi, live to Ethereum layer one.

Here’s a progress update for August, 2021.

Over the past few weeks, Zokyo has been working on one of the most critical pieces of the Offshift PriFi platform: the cryptography.

The team has been developing features for both generating and verifying the cryptographic proofs.

Proof generation will be done by the client as it’s a very computationally-intensive process. Proof verification, however, will be done in the smart contract.

When the Offshift platform is live, users will convert public assets into private synthetics in a single transaction with XFT. Cryptographic proofs will be doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep user balances hidden.

Next up on the Offshift development front are the continued development and implementation of these cryptographic proofs.

If you’d like to learn more about our development with Zokyo, tune into the Offshift Developer Community Calls on the last Thursday of every month at 12PM ET! Join our Discord to listen in and chat more with our community!

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