Offshift December Community Call & PriFi AMA Recap


Offshift’s Moonriver Bridge, Burn-and-Mint Mechanism, blogs, op-eds, and more key community updates. December was as busy as ever. Here’s what happened.

As always, we started the call with a few community updates:

  • After much anticipation, the Offshift-Moonriver bridge went live on Meter Passport ! This is an exciting milestone in our effort to bring Layer 1 Private DeFi to Ethereum and Moonriver. Read more here .
  • For all our friends in the Netherlands, we’re excited to announce that our Whitepaper is now live in Dutch. Bedankt voor het lezen!
  • ICYMI last month, Alex Shipp wrote a stellar op-ed in Forkast on the implications of the latest US Infrastructure Act. A must read for anyone interested in crypto’s core values and what must be done to protect them.
  • As we enter a month focused on our Burn-and-Mint tokenomics, we recapped last month’s blog piece on Bulletproofs, which are the zero-knowledge proof implementation our team decided to utilize for our platform. In the blog, we explain what Bulletproofs are, how they work, and why they are the best fit for our PriFi solution.
  • We also shared some updates regarding our team’s appearance at ETH Denver (Feb 11-20), where we are an official Meta sponsor, and will have a workshop, booth, and speaking session to show off our technology! We hope to see you in a couple months in Colorado for this global crypto event!

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As always, we answered your questions in the AMA section. Community questions this month included:

1. Will Offshift expand to the Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain?

2. Will users be able to vote in the DAO while in zkAssets?

3. Who are Offshift’s direct competitors?

4. What type of fees will a user pay when using Offshift on Moonriver (Kusama)?

5. Will Offshift port to any non-EVM blockchain?

6. Is there a strategy in place to avoid a liquidity crisis?

7. Can TVL be displayed for zkAssets?

8. Will Offshift survive as a Layer-1 protocol?

9. Will $XFT have its own Chainlink price feed?

10. 27:12 Could staking rewards cause capital to leave the ecosystem?

11. Can a user swap between zkAssets?

12. EVM-compatible chains?

13. Lock periods for staking rewards?

14. Thoughts on liquidity and potential supply expansion?

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us this month for the live call ahead of our upcoming pilot launch, and especially those who submitted questions! Offshift hosts community calls every month, and you can submit your questions directly on Discord in advance, or bring them with you to ask us live. This month we gave away 100 XFT to 3 community members who submitted questions prior to our call.

December winners are Offshift Discord members:




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