Offshift Opens ETHDenver Debut with $15,000 in Winner-Take-All Bounties

We’re going high stakes. $7,500 to each of the top bounty submissions, split between in-person and virtual.

ETHDenver 2022 is here! And we’re going all-in for this year’s bounties. We’re rewarding the maximum bounty permitted for our sponsorship — a total of $15,000 split evenly between in-person and virtual submissions.

And to spice it up even more, we’re going high-stakes. Winner takes all – that means $7,500 for the top virtual submission, and $7,500 for the top in-person submission.

The Challenge

Our bounty is all about price manipulation and arbitrage. On Offshift, you can “Shift” from our native token XFT on the Ethereum public side to an array of private synthetics (called zkAssets) on Offshift’s private side. And all while remaining fully on Ethereum’s Layer 1. (For a full rundown of Shifting and Offshift’s tokenomics, see here ).

So, here’s our challenge: can you compromise the integrity of the platform? During the process of burning XFT and minting zkAssets and vice versa, can you target the price parity of our synthetics, develop an empirical arbitrage model, and manipulate the Shifting process to your benefit?

Participants that submit an arbitrage model are also encouraged to demonstrate a novel mechanism to safeguard the price of XFT price prior to oracle response.

The floor is yours!

The Criteria

The hacker who produces the best exploit (if they can find one 🙃) wins! Judges will evaluate submissions based on two major criteria:

  • Severity: The degree to which the exploit compromises the integrity of the platform or erodes the price parity of zkAssets.
  • Visualization: How effectively the empirical** flow chart, diagram, or other logic-based visual illustrates how XFT or zkAsset prices can be systematically manipulated on the Offshift platform.

So in summary, submissions will be judged based on both the nature of the exploit and its visual presentation.

The Resources

To help you on your BUIDLathon, here are a few key resources:



Yellow Paper


Docker Command Line Interface

Pilot Docker Image

For any questions along your journey, we’re here to help! Find us on Discord and Telegram .