Offshift August Community Call & PriFi AMA Recap


We’ve had a busy August here at Offshift. Watch, listen in, or read up on everything the Offshift Core Team got done in August 2022.

Welcome PriFi Pioneers! We held our August PriFi AMA on September 1 at 12pm ET. As always, we dived straight into everything that’s new at Offshift.

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Following our updates and announcements, we gave community members the opportunity to ask some questions. And as always, there were some great submissions:

  1. Does the Merge have any effect on the Offshift anon platform development?
  2. Many projects mislead investors surrounding decentralization. Is Offshift really decentralized, and will it stay decentralized?
  3. Do you still believe PriFi is the future after what happened to Tornado Cash?
  4. What is the current state of the Offshift DAO?
  5. Which are the most promising L1 blockchains besides Ethereum for the team to either expand on in the future or to keep an eye on?

For the team’s answers to these questions and more, check out the full AMA!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this month, and especially those who submitted questions! Offshift hosts PriFi AMAs on the final Thursday of every month at 12pm ET, and we encourage you to submit your best questions in advance. This month we gave away 100 XFT to 3 community members who submitted questions prior to our AMA.

August’s winners are Offshift community members:



and finally…

(((Bag Hodler)))

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